Mitchell County Industry Spotlight - Alltech

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Company Feature: Alltech

Alltech was founded in 1980 by Dr Pearse Lyons, an Irish immigrant who was passionate about agriculture and sustainability and believed he could use his knowledge to bring better nutrition to animals and crops around the world.

The company has a facility in Baconton, just north of Camilla in Mitchell County, and also has a sales office in nearby Thomasville, GA. Their North American headquarters are in Nicolsville, Kentucky. They serve the southeast United States from rural Georgia, and also export all over the world. We couldn’t be happier to have them here!

The Baconton facility currently employs 20 people and their main product is yeast for breweries, but they also offer several other products including animal feed supplements.

Their website describes their process in this way, “Through our innovative study of nutrigenomics, our nutritional technologies help animals maximize the nutrients in their feed for optimal well-being and performance.”

We are proud to be the only manufacturing facility for Alltech in Georgia and appreciate their commitment to increasing nutrition for animals and crops, through sustainable science.

You can learn more about Alltech and their innovative processes at their website, .

Thank you for producing in Mitchell County!