Mitchell County Industry Spotlight - Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc

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Company Feature: Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. Camilla, GA

In south Georgia, agriculture is big business. And these days, it’s also a highly technical, scientific business. To serve the industry, of the best agricultural labs in the country is based right here in Mitchell County, to serve our important agriculture industries.

Founded in 1976 by Dr Raymond L. Waters, Waters Labs now has four locations, including their headquarters and first facility in Camilla, Georgia, as well as operations in North Carolina, Mississippi and Kentucky.

Specializing in analysis and testing services that help farm and agriculture industry businesses succeed, some of their offerings include soil and water testing, plant and pest analysis, fertilizer and feed reviews as well as microbiology evaluations. Their services help along the entire supply and production lines of farming and agroeconomics.

The labs state-of-the-art facilities, staffed with agronomists, chemists, microbiologists, technicians and other professionals, all committed to “Improving Growth with Science and Technology” to help their customers make sound agronomic decisions.

We are proud to have Water Agricultural Laboratories in Camilla, Georgia and thank them for their service to one of south Georgia’s most important industries, agriculture!

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