Camilla, the county seat, was named for the granddaughter of General Henry Mitchell, a hero of the Revolutionary War and namesake for the county itself.

Camilla is home to the historic railroad depot, the transportation hub for shipping crops in the early 1900s. Today the depot is the community welcome center and gathering spot for artist exhibits and local events.

Camilla is also known for historic mansions and 200 year-old live oaks.


Pelham is home to the Hand Trading Company, a turn-of-the-century center of trade. It was the largest mercantile business in the South with four stories, over 98,000 square feet and 100 massive columns. People shopped here for everything from clothing, carriages and coffins to plows.

Another historic property is the Carnegie Library built in 1908 by Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. It is one of 24 Carnegie libraries in Georgia.


Baconton’s city hall is a Victorian home built in 1891 for George W. Jackson. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The agribusiness leaders in Baconton led the state in the development of the thin-shelled pecans, called paper-shelled pecan, an innovative and profitable development for farmers.

Sale City

Sale City is a small residential community in Mitchell County with a population under 500.