Mitchell County in Southwest Georgia covers 514 square miles of farmland, industry and historic towns. The Flint River defines the western border of our county and U.S. Highway 19, a major four-lane corridor passes through the heart of our area.

Agribusiness is Mitchell County’s largest industry, with well-known names such as Keystone Foods and Southeast Milk Incorporated. Of the nation’s counties, Mitchell County is in the top 10 in pecan production. The community of Baconton is known for innovating the highly marketable paper-shell pecan.

Two energy–related industries joined our corporate roster in recent years. A corn to fuel manufacturer, Flint Hill Resources, and Camilla Solar, a solar power plant, chose Mitchell County as the place to grow their businesses.

With local hunting plantations as destinations, eco-tourism contributes to the local economy. Mitchell County is one of the premier locations for quail hunting. Businesses on retreat and hunting connoisseurs from around the world travel to our plantations to enjoy hunting and our local hospitality.

MCDA fosters business opportunities in our community. We assist developers, corporations and entrepreneurs find resources and partners, identify land or existing buildings for their expansions, relocations or start-up businesses. We appreciate our local volunteers and the statewide economic development professionals who assist us for your specific project needs.

Photo of James Eubanks

James Eubanks

Executive Director


MCDA Staff

  • James Eubanks, Executive Director
  • Joe Bostick, Chairman
  • Nichole Hilliard, Vice-Chairman
  • Development Authority Board Members
Community Team

  • City of Baconton Mayor
  • City of Camilla Mayor
  • City of Pelham Mayor
  • Chairman of Mitchell County Board of Commissioners
  • County Administrator
  • City Managers of Camilla and Pelham
Community Partners

  • Mitchell County is a member of a joint Five County Joint Development Authority with Brooks, Colquitt, Grady and Thomas Counties.
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