The Hand Building, Pelham, Georgia

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The Hand Building, Pelham, GA

In Pelham, Georgia, stands an architectural history lesson. The Hand Building, designed by Judson Larrabee Hand and modeled after Marshall Field’s in Chicago was opened in 1916 and still stands today. While it has suffered some age and neglect, a renovation is nearly complete and it will soon begin it’s next chapter as a mixed use development, and the beautiful building will, once again, be on display.

When it was originally opened, the Hand Trading Company was one of the largest stores in the country, much less a small, rural Georgia town. But it’s construction established Pelham as both an agricultural and retail center for the region.

Over time, the shopping habits of residents changed and the building was closed in 1984. While the beautiful features within the building began to crumble, plans were being hatched to bring it back to life. Currently, IDP Properties is engaged in a renovation that will result in a 54 apartment community, as well as retail space on the first floor.

By taking advantage of tax credit programs, including Low Income Housing Tax Credits and Historic Tax Credits, the project was able to begin and bring this landmark back to its former glory.

The Hand Building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and once the renovation is complete, will be certified as EarthCraft Multifamily. The beauty and history of this building is a jewel in the crown of Mitchell County and south Georgia, so make plans to visit Pelham and see it!

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